• DEEP SEA (Acapella_98bpm)
  • DEEP SEA (Clean Edit W_DJ Intro) ST
  • DEEP SEA (Clean Edit_STALONE ft K.A.A.N.)
  • DEEP SEA (Club Edit W_DJ Intro) ST
  • DEEP SEA (Club Edit_STALONE ft K.A.A.N.)
  • DEEP SEA (Instrumental_98bpm) ST
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Deep Sea


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remixedj, brasilia


Dubble dee, Nat la

nice track

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL USA

I like this. Send me a drop and I will include this on my show. I'm on two stations and all of my "re-podcasts" are on iheartradio. Great way to reach out to a new fanbase etc ya dig.


nice track

DJ Truly, Dallas, TX US

Hot Track Need drop And An Interview On Da Russ N Stew Show drop Can Go (When Im In Harlem Im Chilling With Russ N Stew From Da Russ N Stew Show

Da Russ N Stew, Harlem/Nyc

Attention: Remixes will be out for this within days.. Sweet vocals

DJ Snooze(WHPK 88.5FM), Chicago, IL

Creative! Borderline out there, but close enough to keep mainstream music listeners interested. Very interesting drum patterns being used, particularly the hi hat patterns. The vocal samples in the start and throughout are a nice touch. Haunting chords, and the same goes for Stalone's voice. The production level is up there, whoever mixed & mastered this put in good work. Getting K.A.A.N. to feature was an added bonus. He flowed well and his voice works in with the uniqueness of the song. Ofcourse, the lyrics, they're just as haunting as the rest of the track, a little unsettling by way of not being able to absolutely decipher the meaning. Pretty hard to simply guess the meaning of: "Mermaid mentality, float in salinity, city inside my mind". I had to check out the other tracks and they're equally as creative! I hope we get all her other tracks too. I'll definitely have to give this track a few spins and include it in my weekly mix show. Excellent song.

megrov, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


djfadal, canada



Will Spin This.

Dj Busnasty, Millsboro, Delaware


bbh, bbj