1. Afori ft Miss Jay - I Surrender
    Album: The Master's Piece


Afori releases a follow up to "Shots Fired". Afori is a breath of fresh air among all the music that you hear in the world today. Check it out, listen, and support.

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Afori ft Miss Jay

I Surrender


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DJ J YO JAY, Houston, TX USA

love the message

DJ Prototype, Pensacola, FL United States

Cool Jam

DJ B-Rock, Smithland, TX USA

nice track support the djs need drops

djsammysam, pensacola fl united states

Will check it on the mix

DJ SIR JAMM, Wilmington, DE, USA


808djrx, Honolulu / Hawaii / U.S.A.

love this track, rocking it

dj smiley, union