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    Album: Supreme
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    Album: Supreme

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Song Overview

Exclusive New Single by the front running female recording artist, HONEYYGRAM titled JUICE with production by Bruce Wayne. DJ Feedback requested & appreciated. #JUICE

DJ Feedback

ladies going love this #straightsmoke

dj blade, collin,ms usa


Dj Kenni Starr, France

strip club banger can be mixed in with tha savages hit me with a drop please

djnye, memphis tn

Strip Club AND Regular Club banga, BIG hit potential. Already playlisted on my radioshow, http://mrs.se/jens, drops appreciated !

DJ Jens, Stockholm, Sweden

Dope song let's work

djhypemancrunk, Gates Tn USA

Hot Strip Club Shhhhht… Cleveland Magic City REAL JUICE

DjJazz, Cleveland