1. Finesse Familia - JuugBaby EXPLICIT
    Album: Coming Soon!


Blazing new single by Finesse Familia comprised of artists Drupreme & Eazy Mula titled "JUUG BABY" w/ production by Beat Dilla. DJ Drops provided upon request. Feedback always appreciated. #JuugBaby

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Finesse Familia: DruPreme & Eazy Mula



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DJ Feedback


DJ CEO, Fort Lauderdale,FL

Fits in with today's sound...

Poncho, killeen

Awesome banger, good artist, catchy lyrics - supporting this but need a clean version for radio, need drop/s asap thanks! 3D CEO Vybz Radio

DJ 3D, London, UK

Nice song can we have a drop or would like to interview you

DA RUSS & STEW SHOW, new york, NY, United States

good vibes

jon maby, coventry UK


Dj Kenni Starr, France

More Migos, Swaggered, and Finessing its hot 4 of 5 DJ CALAMIND-NLECO/UMG!

DJ CALAMIND, Houston/Texas/ArkLATex, USA

nice track

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL us

Call 731-388-9055 Leave a drop saying your name and city then introducing your track and you are now rocking with Hot Hitz Radio with DJ Damo (Day-Moe) Also text 314-448-9903 if you are interested in our $1000 Showcase in Memphis

DJ Damo, St. Louis, MO USA