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  2. Like Dis (Edited)
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I feel like nobody's rockin like dis or have a persona like dis or grind like dis, and know damn well NOBODY gotta style like dis
Contact info- #2703197367 or stacknseasonmuzik@yahoo.com

DJ Feedback



The production sounds like I heard it before and like it's missing something...not sure what, but the artist sounds good. Might want to try a different record or mix, this would be one of those that I will hear it and forget right after.

Breezy Says, International

not sure where the disconnect is. needs better production on here hands down.

dj big boi, panama city, fla

sonically needs a better mix. he spitting bars with a good flow, just def need a better mix

Tall Reek, DMV

its an ok record tho i can see it being alot better with a better mix to the record overall.

el plaga, tennessee

feeling this one the beat is snapping to got you in rotation next week on my mixshow K-100Radio

Chill Will, Valdosta Ga

Record definitely needs a better mix on it.... concept is ok, but needs some tweaking

TampaMystic, ATL

It's a ok record needs better production

djhypemancrunk, Tennessee

Needs some work, flow good , but something is missing, and needs to get the engineer work

Evryting Criss, Durham,NC

I think it would be a better record if you had a better production, Mix & master. Its hard to place this record on any media outlets. Vocals sound as if it's smothered with Reverb. I would like to hear more, I would redo this track, you have good flow.

T.U.C.K, Savannah Ga

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DJ Damo, St. Louis, MO USA

ha ha yall bullshitt'n right... ok wait he can flow but that track and vocals (recording) Outta dere!!

BigRip Aka Manuscript, fort worth, TX United States