1. 1a. Ready 4 Whatever 2.0 DIRTY
    Album: Coming Soon
  2. 1b. Ready 4 Whatever 2.0 CLEAN
    Album: Coming Soon
  3. 3. Myá_Ready For Whatever INSTRUMENTAL
    Album: Coming Soon
  4. 4. Myá_Ready For Whatever 1.0 ACAPELLA
    Album: Coming Soon
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Ready For Whatever


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Song Overview

DJ Feedback

Very sultry tone. The rhythm of the lyrics over the melody with that voice. Yeah. I like this one a lot. Thanks for continuing giving us music. Help me promote your sound with a drop, please. Drop or not. It's getting played.

BIG Groove, Severn

real smooth track...feelin it

Gary_G, Antigua

nice slow jam

MIstro, TN

nice and slow grinding

Dj Zero Tolerance, Anguilla

Nice!!! Need a Drop!!!

DJ 12play, Chesapeake, VA USA

dope slow song!! can i get a dj drop?

Dj V-Nyce, Douglas/Ga/USA

absoulutely big

DJ Jammy.D (Da Hub Radio), UK

Dope track... Will run this on my mixshows and club rotation. Would like to have a drop for shows.. djraverx1@gmail.com

DJ Raver, Lawton, OK USA

Nice slow song

Dj Kingspin, Atlanta, USA

I was blessed to get this from her DJ a fews days ago. They even blessed me with a beautiful drop, which I will be running with the record on my Show. In "my" opinion she has a very New and Amazing style on these recordings. She never seems to miss a beat when she releases music. All DJ's need to run ALL THREE JOINTS ASAP... #TKO #DCGurlsRock


Good reccord we will run this on K-100 Radio ATL

K-100 Radio, Atlanta, GA United States