1. Zoe Diddie - Spacey Shyt (Dirty)
    Album: mxtpz.me/a/109775
  2. Zoe Diddie - Spacey Shyt (Clean)
    Album: mxtpz.me/a/109775


"Spacey Shit" has a different but crunk vibe to it. With a catchy hook and a interesting bounce, Zoe Diddie gives you a tour of his extravagant life style in this song.

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Zoe Diddie

Spacey Shyt


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DJ Feedback

nice track

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL us


Dj Kenni Starr, France

Hot Track, Will Spin

DJ Murdock, Indpls, In. U.S.

Not my taste and still not saying does not have an audience... I've never heard Zoe before and he seems original enough, if nothing else and that will always mean a lot to me. I'll be looking out for homie Diddie down the line, should he decide to continue the music route...

DJ Apedemak Rose, Evanston, IL USA

Hot track.

DJ Busnasty, Millsboro Delaware