1. Zoe Diddie - Spacey Shyt (Dirty)
    Album: mxtpz.me/a/109775
  2. Zoe Diddie - Spacey Shyt (Clean)
    Album: mxtpz.me/a/109775


"Spacey Shit" has a different but crunk vibe to it. With a catchy hook and a interesting bounce, Zoe Diddie gives you a tour of his extravagant life style in this song.

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Zoe Diddie

Spacey Shyt


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DJ Feedback

The beat is cool and the vocals are a tad low in my opinion ... the verse is cool ... I think the hook is ok I wouldn't use this as a lead single ... but I think it makes the mixtape just not a lead single

EL Plaga, Tennesee

Dope record something that'll work for the streets. Beats ok but flow makes the record.

DJ Seizure, Miami/Ft Lauderdale

dooooope track , very catchy that 808 hits drip drip..

dj pryme time, ga/tn

Not feeling the intro takes 30 seconds to crank up thats too long, shorten that up and service it with some drops

kingpin, atlanta

Decent track, I'd say mixtape song but not a single.

TampaMystic, Atlanta

im on the fence with this one but the beat solid... i think it can grow on ppl tho

el plaga, tennessee

Put a plan in motion with DJs and keep working

Bigg V, USA/Europe

Cool record, it's more of an introductory type of record. Good for mixtapes.


Decent record. Not a fan of the beat and tempo. Would like to hear more from him and maybe a visual for this single.

Tony Davis The DJ, Alabama



Good song could start off as a radio song then could be big in the clubs once everyone knows it

Enferno, Minneapolis, MN

not a real fan of this one. not really feeling the flow of the track. i'll put on my show on wednesday nights to try it out


Like the flow of the track

KayBlack, Jacksonville Fl

good production .. I missed this one tho.. keep griding fam you have your own lane .. and making the proper steps

Tall Reek, DMV-balt

I'll feature it on my show in the like it or not segment. It's a little slow for my taste but that's just my opinion

DJ Ms.Hypnotique, Memphis, TN/USA

nice track

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL us


Dj Kenni Starr, France

Hot Track, Will Spin

DJ Murdock, Indpls, In. U.S.

Not my taste and still not saying does not have an audience... I've never heard Zoe before and he seems original enough, if nothing else and that will always mean a lot to me. I'll be looking out for homie Diddie down the line, should he decide to continue the music route...

DJ Apedemak Rose, Evanston, IL USA

Hot track.

DJ Busnasty, Millsboro Delaware