1. Thatz Endurance-RC Dirty Mix3
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  2. Thatz Endurance-RC Clean Mix3
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Ron Killings featuring Mannish Mania

Thatz Endurance


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Song Overview

Thatz Endurance is a High energy, motivational, epic song that drives anyone listening to feel inspired to Endure and Strive for there goals and aspirations! Ron Killings aka WWE superstar R-Truth, gives an amazing performance and brings the listener in by inspiring to be themselves and going for the goal!


Justin "J-Trx" Echols
Personal/buisness manager

DJ Feedback

Da Russ N Stew Show/Stirring Up Da Pot TV Need Drops & Interview Hot Song

Dj Big Stew, Harlem/Nyc

Oh man! Ron came out no holds barred here! Good beat, flow and vocals work well (reminds me a bit of Jeezy). Lyrics match up. The Mannish Mania verse is good too, nothing to scoff at! Another one for the decks.

megrov, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I have a Radio show that is on two radio stations and the re-podcasts are on iheartradio. I will get this on it. Send me a drop for full impact and interaction with your fanbase ok?