1. Fast Muney Brothers - Why You Wanna Hate
    Album: N/A


Fast Muney Brothers is a hip hop rap group that consist of Yung Nap & B dollasign, whom are reps of Indianapolis/Nashville. The group are young men who realize the value of good hip hop & hard work.

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Fast Muney Brothers

Why You Wanna Hate


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DJ Feedback

Hot track!!!

DJ Dirk Diggems, Tampa, FL USA

This one is ok....

Poncho, Killeen, TX usa


Dj Kenni Starr, France

Its ok, could use a little more mastering. Vocals are coming stronger than track

DJ Daddy Blue, Funkytown, TX


808djrx, Honolulu / Hawaii / U.S.A.

like dis..Can I get a clean one..

dj barry, Fayetteville NC