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We Service The Professionals!!!

We Service The Professionals!!!

Virtual Distribution “KO”mpany: 
VirDiKO, [pronounced "Virda-Ko"] a premier provider in web based music promotion to Professional DJ's & other key Entertainment Industry Professionals around the world in more than 150 countries. 

VirDiKO uses state of the art technology that conveniently & quickly connects veteran and amateur artists of music, poetry, production, photography, comedy, & dance with VirDiKO’s Database Group.   

VirDiKO is staffed by a team of experienced Entertainnment Industry Professionals dedicated in ensuring your artwork is effectively promoted in a professional manner.    

VirDiKO is committed to providing the highest quality service in the safest & most dependable manner available!  DJs · HIPHOP · PRODUCER · ROCK
·  R & B  ·  JAZZ  ·  MODELS · REGGAE · DANCE ·  & More. At VirDiKO #WeWORK!!


VirDiKO……..The Professional Way To Get In & Out.


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