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Artist(s): King Iconic
Song(s): Birthday B*tch
Producer: King Iconic, C Hutch
Album: Introducing Iconic
Version(s): Explicit - Instrumental - Bonus
Beats Per Minute: 110
Kilobytes Per Second: 320
Plays This Month: 1009
Number of Downloads: 64
Feedback Rating Average: 4.49 out of 5
Category: Rap Artist
Genre: Hip-Hop
Contact: Reggie Iconic (Manager)
Label: Independent Artist

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General Comments

General Comments: New Music by King Iconic titled "BIRTHDAY BITCH" + Bonus Track titled "BOUT IT".

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VirDiKO User Comments

DJ Swag513 from Cinti., OH USA: Banger
DJ Passion from Dallas Texas: Twerk, Love the turn up...will spin
dennis chacoa from venezuela: excellent
DJ Damo from St. Louis, MO USA: Call 731-388-9055 Leave a drop saying your name and city then introducing your track and you are now rocking with Hot Hitz Radio with DJ Damo (Day-Moe) Also text 314-448-9903 if you are interested in our $1000 Showcase in Memphis
Dj Action from Houston, TX USA: Cool, Club
DJ 3D from London, UK: Kool
DJ MYSTEREE from San Bernardino, CA USA: 👏
DJ Bumpa Jack from Oxford, MS USA: word up
Dj Neurotic from Charlotte, NC USA: nice instrumental
Impact292 from Los Angeles: cool
Dj Kenni Starr from France: hot
dj k solo from md: give it a try
D'Coach from Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago: It's ok. I guess it could make a mark for a birthday girl.
Dj T.O.N.Y. Talk.Of.New.York. from Tampa Fl USA: Nice
Jay from NY: Cool
dj shaun klassic from WILMINGTON DE: sucks!!!
Outlaw Mighty Me from London: cool track
MP from London UK: Nice very catchy hook
DJ Sting from Vancouver, Canada: DOpe.
DJ BreakNRecordz from Los Angeles/CA/USA: Cool on the air
Dj Stef B from Brussels: NIce track
dj Gary C from Boston USA: Not bad will test
phlav from US: good
Bobby Novosad from Lafayette, LA: Next time a female has a birthday at the club, this song plays!
W Ise from Arnhem, Netherlands: OK
djsteviec from stade: good track
DJ Mikey D from Brunswick, Maine: Very nice
Dj Dutam from Bruxelles/Belgium: cool
jon maby from coventry (UK): good sounds
dj kato from Kissimmee, FL USA: nice track, hope theres a clean version.
dj black cat from austin tx: jam
dj mac e from anguilla: nice
Dj International Blue from Pompano Beach, FL USA:
Dj International Blue from Pompano Beach, FL USA:
DJ Partytyme from Birmingham, AL us: nice track
Dj Busnasty from Millsboro, Delaware: Hot Track.

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