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Murder Man - Murder Man Dance EXPLICIT

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Artist(s): T. Barrow The Murder Man
Producer: Jay Wona
Album: Coming Soon!
Version(s): Explicit - Radio
Beats Per Minute: 82
Kilobytes Per Second: 160
Plays This Month: 250
Number of Downloads: 12
Feedback Rating Average: 5.00 out of 5
Category: Rap Artist
Genre: Hip-Hop
Contact: CO' Baby
Label: Phreedom Records

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General Comments

General Comments: Phreedom Records drops the highly anticipated single by T. Barrow The Murder Man titled "MURDER MAN DANCE" produced by Jay Wona.

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VirDiKO User Comments

Go Dj Kj from Arlington, Tx. to Shreveport, Louisiana, TX USA: Bro thats a hit right there. Straight club TURN UP. Dropping it for you this Sat. Send drop when you got time.
DJ Partytyme from Birmingham, AL us: nice track

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