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DunDil - She Going Live (Dirty)

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Artist(s): DunDil
Song(s): She Going Live
Producer: Fetti
Album: Coming Soon!
Version(s): Explicit - Radio
Beats Per Minute: 80
Kilobytes Per Second: 320
Plays This Month: 2327
Number of Downloads: 51
Feedback Rating Average: 4.56 out of 5
Category: Rap Artist
Genre: Hip-Hop
Contact: DunDil, Artist
Label: Operation Get Money Music Group

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General Comments

General Comments: When the ladies go live on Snapchat, Instagram Live or Facebook Live, anywhere they go live at, they live all on social media wit it showing out.

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VirDiKO User Comments

Dj Fingatipz from Indianapolis: Nice track, great concept. The beat is catchy , I will f with it.
Erik de Redd from Jacksonville, FL USA: This is a dope track. We spinning it.
dj smoove from walls,MS: HOT
DJ Kool Ken from Detroit, MI, US: Definitely. For the Instagram Models and Strippers... I Can Rock with This...SHE GOING LIVE!!!
dj petai from Harrisburg: Spin It
DJ MINGO from ATLANTA, GA USA: I have “TWO” shows, one is on NLD RADIO (TUNEIN) called "The Grind Show", and the other is on Virdiko Global Radio.
To be apart of this peep it:
Send me a drop
Drop Script: Whuts good this is (you) and when im in Atlanta im tuned into The Grind Show with dj mingo.
(once you say that, you can briefly shoutout your social feeds etc)
DJ SIR JAMM ( ORIG) from DELAWARE from : Original DJ Sir Jamm.
For the dancer sets.
sir jam from NOLA thru d town: hotttt
DJ Big 6 from Greenville/Spartanburg, SC USA:

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