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DaWayne ft B Knox & Lil Hook - In The Club (Explicit)

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Artist(s): DaWayne feat. B Knox & Lil Hook
Song(s): In The Club
Producer: TellieMane
Album: Coming Soon
Version(s): Explicit - Radio
Beats Per Minute:
Kilobytes Per Second: 320
Plays This Month: 420
Number of Downloads: 20
Feedback Rating Average: 5.00 out of 5
Category: Rap Artist
Genre: Hip-Hop
Contact: Tony Davis The DJ
Label: TDDJ

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General Comments

General Comments: "Dope club joint for strip clubs and more! Straight out of Alabama!"

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VirDiKO User Comments

DJ B-Rock from Smithland, TX USA: Nice track lot of auto-tone will see what it does at the club
DJ Big 6 from Greenville/Spartanburg, SC USA:

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