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Ketchin Flytes

  1. Buttagoharder - Ketchin Flytes (Dirty)
    Album: Coming Soon
  2. Buttagoharder - Ketchin Flytes (Clean)
    Album: Coming Soon

Success and Leveling up requires alot of focus and detachments from one's confort zone. Ketchin' Flytes is a lyrical description of sacrifices to gain success, with several melodic styles and smooth.

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DJ Feedback

dope joint need more female emcees

djkski, Hopewell, VA USA

It's a nice record. I've heard better music from her it's not one of my favorites. It's on the softer side of you.

DJ Ms.Hypnotique, Memphis, TN/USA

Get with Djs put a plan in motion

Bigg V, USA/Europe

I think I gave feedback on this song before. Its alright at best. Maybe for women. But I know you can do better. I've heard freestyles you did that sounded better then this. I'm interested in producing a track for you. & I also think you don't need to stack your voice too. A one track with a Dobbler effect on it will do just fine.

DJ Shotgunn, Tampa, FL USA

Decent record. Catchy hook. I like the flow. Good mixtape filler track.

Tony Davis, Alabama

Hard yet the content and track

Ms Echia, KY/TN

Good concept for the song, but would be doper with the production and chorus more feminine to become a female anthem

Enferno, Minneapolis

you know wat the fuck going on go get that Barz's By Pound to

Chill Will, Valdosta Ga

I like this definitely riding with it.. improvement from the last call.. good flow

Kay black, Jacksonville, Fl

I dont like this track. Butter has better records. this is a filler track at best,

Kingpin, atlanta

Dope record definitely rocking with the flow and production on this record.

DJ Seizure, Miami/Ft Lauderdale, FL.

nice track beat hard as a mf good female track

dj lil nick, middle ga / south ga

nice track

DJ Partytyme, Birmingham, AL us

Dope single

DJ Firestarta, Birmingham, AL USA

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