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Serayah ft Jazze Pha - DRIVING ME EXPLICIT

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Artist(s): Serayah feat. Jazze Pha
Song(s): Driving Me
Producer: Balistic Beatz & CJ Hilton
Album: Coming Soon!
Version(s): Explicit - Inst. - Acapella - Radio - DJ Intro
Beats Per Minute: 65
Kilobytes Per Second: 320
Plays This Month: 894
Number of Downloads: 205
Feedback Rating Average: 4.68 out of 5
Category: Singer
Genre: R&B
Contact: Poised Management @
Label: Independent Artist

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General Comments

General Comments: Empire TV Show Star & R&B Artist: Serayah drops a new beat banging single titled "DRIVING ME" featuring Jazze Pha produced by Balistic Beatz & CJ Hilton. DJ Service Pack included for your rotation.

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VirDiKO User Comments

KPharaoh from BURBANK, CA USA: this is dope will give a few spins. Send a drop to Say something like: "this is Serayah, and right now you're listening to my new single driving me ft jazze pha right here on 94.2 Blazin Hip hop and r&b
dj tavonne from salisbury md: god radio song
Fresh Sly from Chisinau/ Chisinau/ Republic of Moldova: Good one, I like it!
djandy from stockton ca: kool beat
W-Ise from Arnhem, Netherlands: ok
dj k2 from Douglasville: OK WILL WORK IT!!!!
DJ EMONSTA from Minneapolis, Minnesota: luvin it .. send drops
DJ Truly from Dallas, TX US: Nice right here
BigRip Aka Manuscript from fort worth, TX United States: banger of course its jazze
Brett Costello from Australia: Like it - wondered what happened to Jazze Pha
DJ K-OZ from Passaic: nice bangr
djbiglou163 from Bronx, NY New York: its nice
mr.bigg from royston,ga usa: nice
Sabrina from Ny: very good
dj sleep ez from Richmond, Va: hot joint
aGreatest from London, UK: Nice
Dj Storm from Temple Hills: This is a nice track. Wanna test it this weekend
TJ SWANN from Greenville S.C: I'm Feeling This Cut I'm On It.
LEGENDARY DJ ERV from SAN ANTONIO: Nice, Another Hit For Ages,Will Get Mad Spins On, Please Send Radio Drop.
DJ Hands on from texas: please send me a drop this is fire
DJ 3D from London, UK: Awesome - Supporting this. Need a drop for radio asap.
3D CEO Vybz Radio
dj zulu g from tampa: fire
djjkidd from Elgin IL: Nice record.
DJ Crank from DC: feeling this, testing it out at bike/car show this weekend
Dj Dutam from Rixensart/Belgium: cool
Dj Kenni Starr from France: hot
D'Coach from Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago: A hidden (chillin with the girls) kinda tune. Girls talk music.
DJ Shyheim from Broadway: This dope.. I can feel a remix coming on
dj mac e from anguilla: nice
DJ Sirjames from Dallas, TX USA: good song
Dj Busnasty from Millsboro, Delaware: Gotta Spin This.
Jose from Vancouver BC: nice trax
Precise1 from Las Vegas, NV United States: She's So Fine w/that Curly hair and got a banga w/Jazze Pha on this one
DJ EMONSTA from Minneapolis MN U.S.A: Send drops to help push harder up here in Minnesota.. Im diggin this!! -
DA RUSS & STEW SHOW from : I like the song I will play the song on the show can we please have a drop for this song (You) this is serayah when I'm in Harlem I'm chilling with russ and stew From the darussandstewshow and name the song thanks 🙏 you
DJ Snooze(WHPK 88.5FM) Chicago from Chicago, IL: Decent..
The Watcher from Miami, Fl.: Same ol', same ol'. Aren't yall tired of these "ASSEMBLY LINE BEATS"? It's not even worth downloading for free.... Serayah....U R better than this. Push urself. Push the boundaries of ur vocal skills. I know it's in ya. And Jazze Pha should know better. He cut from a different cloth [U know]. Jazze, U start trends. U never followed. Don't start now. U R one of great producers out there!!! Serayah, don't let management think what U should sound like & dictate ur career just because that's what everybody and dey mama doing. U will never reach the level of a Mariah, Gladys, Beyonce, Mary J., Aretha, Toni Braxton, etc. They all took chances on SOUNDING DIFFERENT and it paid off. U have the ability to do the same Serayah. JUST DO IT....BOOM!!!
DJ Big 6 from Greenville/Spartanburg, SC USA:
Dj Stef B from Brussels: Nice Track
Big T-Moohlah from Centerburg, OH USA: fire
MP Marcus from London UK: Love this track. Summer anthem for the ladies. Can I have a drop please?
DJ T.O.N.Y. Talk.Of.New.York. from Tampa Fl USA: Nice.
risto from Paris-19E-Arrondissement: for remix
Phlav from us: GOOD
dj Gary C from Boston USA: Well done! Will test this one
Dj Kato from kissimmee, FL USA: Nice track will give some spins.
DJ i.o. from Memphis, TN USA: Cool song...
slue from Pardise: Good track
Dj Maxx from Mississauga, Ontario: this is nice and refreshing. love the voice and lyrics, the beat is also do and I didn't hear a misses. You rode the beat like a champion, well done.
jon maby from coventry uk: good track
keurvil DaFiveBillie from La Defense: dope song
DJ Partytyme from Birmingham, AL us: nice track
fitzyb from manchester: fabulous music!!
DJ Yelloman from Columbia: Ill spin it!
Ldub The Great from New Orleans/La/USA: Loving this one right here. Hope it really takes off
dj harvey s from austin tx: hott
Twin Radio Syndicate from Virginia: Dope track!!!
DJ Elliot Grinch from Bethlehem, PA USA: Will play
DJ Dirk Diggems from Tampa, FL USA: This is a nice track. Will put in rotation.
niceone from gf: cool stuff
Big T-Moohlah from Centerburg, OH USA: I like this!

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