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Dj Stikuhbush ft Rubberband OG and Venus - Ride (Explicit)

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Artist(s): Dj Stikuhbush ft Rubberband OG and Venus
Song(s): Ride
Producer: Dj Plugg
Album: Bama 17
Version(s): Explicit - Radio
Beats Per Minute: 70
Kilobytes Per Second: 320
Number of Downloads: 33
Feedback Rating Average: 4.50 out of 5
Category: Rap Artist
Genre: Hip-Hop
Contact: Booking Tyrone Orr
Label: ECO Beats

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Mixtape/Album Download: 17

General Comments

General Comments: Last year Dj Stikuhbush broke barriers by putting some of Alabama's elite recording artist all on one project entitled Bama 16, this year Bama 17 is the most epic release of 2017, ft Translee and more

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KPharaoh from BURBANK, CA USA: On point will give a few spins. Send a drop to Say something like: "this is DJ Stikunbush, and right now you're listening to my new song ride ft ruberband og and venus right here on 94.2 Blazin Hip hop and r&b
BigRip Aka Manuscript from fort worth, TX United States: i didnt phuck with this one too much but i did love that Nothings Fa Sho, its in heavy rotation on The Rhyme...
DJ Partytyme from Birmingham, AL us: nice track
DJ Big 6 from Greenville/Spartanburg, SC USA:

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