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Kenny Lattimore - Push RADIO

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Artist(s): Kenny Lattimore
Song(s): PUSH
Producer: Liger Ent.
Album: Coming Soon!
Version(s): Radio
Beats Per Minute: 83
Kilobytes Per Second: 320
Number of Downloads: 186
Feedback Rating Average: 4.78 out of 5
Category: Singer
Genre: R&B
Contact: Management: Marv Mack @
Label: Liger Ent.

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General Comments

General Comments: Cool New R&B by the talented Kenny Lattimore titled "PUSH". Activating Radio Adds Now.

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VirDiKO User Comments

dj romey rome from rocky mount nc. usa: hot
djfemmie from TRENTON nj USA: I love Kenny but I would love to have more deep house music from him a lifelong fan,
dj holla from LA: thanks
xbigdaddy from California: the master if ballads strikes again!!!!!
djlc from dallas/tx: nice slow jam
DJ Da'Voyse from new orleans,louisiana: cool as hell.....
DJ.Lerbeck from Sacto,CA.USA: Good production.
dj qualifi from Tacoma: Lovely!
GO DJ Freaky-E. from Shreveport,La: 2 thumbs up
Big Reg from Dallas, TX USA:
Outlaw Mighty Me from London: good song
dj jams from la: nice
DJ Larry from Hope, AR USA: Nice Slow jam
DJ Jammy.D (Da Hub Radio) from UK: big
dj dark from New York: dope, will def spin
dj nonstop from columbus: good
Jammin Tee from Waynesboro: kool
DJ Apedemak Rose from Evanston, IL USA: From the top...NICE!!!!
deejay cook from Richmond, VA USA: really nice track
Dj Big Willie from Salisbury, MD United States: Nice jam
DJ PRO from NC: Great Track Kenny Latimore has stood the test of time and continues to deliver top notch music.
DJ MINGO from ATLANTA, GA USA: Send me a drop, I will feature this on "The Grind Show" Virdiko Global Radio 7pm-10pm est. daily
Dj Shaun Klassic from WILMINGTON DE: this is tight
DJ TG from Jacksonville,Fl./USA: nice jam!!
Deejay Yemster from Dundee: You can never go wrong with Kenny Lattimore since the day of Never to Busy
DJ Big D from Upper Marlboro, MD United States: Hot
Impact292 from Los Angeles: cool
DjKevyKev from DFW, TX USA: Smoove...
chill will from PEARLAND: Banger can I get a drop from you
Djdremuzik from harlem nyc: good rnb
Dj Extraordaire from Fay, nc: Hot
Dj Kenni Starr from France: hot
Bushman from Wembley: The usual class music from Kenny..Keep um Coming...
dj jon maby from coventry (UK): cool vibes
DJ STORM from United States: Always nice to get a good r&b track from Kenny
Tito Pacheco from WCNI 90.9FM-Norwich/New London, CT: Luvin' The Vibe!
dj boogie corleone from st.louis mo: classic Kenny.... will play
DJ DSA from ST VINCENT DE CONNEZAC: Belle instru et voix classe
Mr. Bigg from : nice, Kenny always bring it. one of the best voices in music
DJ Poncho from Greenville Ms.: Smooth!!!
DJ Toolz from Columbus: Smooth Record!!!!!
dj k2 from Douglasville: ok can work!!!!
Big Reg from Dallas, TX USA:
Dj.Biz from Pennsauken Nj.Camden: this song is nice!
Dj.Biz from Pennsauken Nj.Camden: this song is nice!
Dj.Biz from Pennsauken Nj.Camden: this song is nice!
Dj.Biz from Pennsauken Nj.Camden: this song is nice!
dj undacover from Toronto, ON, Canada: Wicked track
DJ Black Caesar from Brodnax: Nice smooth jam. Definitely something for airplay.
chris from NY: good
DANNY T from Europe: Nice track.
Dj Kenni Starr from France: hot
dj k solo from md: nice R&B hit
djchuckfresh from houston: THIS IS A SMOOTH TRACK
dj dark from New York: dope will spin.
D Major from San Antonio, TX: Smooth new track...nice return, Kenny! Going into rotation!
Kawon J. from Dallas, TX United States: Kenny always brings it. I'm going to upload to our midnight hour show.
DJ BreakNRecordz from Los Angeles/CA/USA: Nice on the air DJ BreakNRecordz LIVE 105.5 MOBILE RADIO send DROPS to
DJ Ms Dynasty from Toronto, CA: Supporting Kenny no doubt, adding to rotation!
Dj T Rock from Detroit, MI USA: NICE AND SMOOTH
djjkidd from Elgin IL: I can rock with it.
dj nonstop from columbus: good
Twin Radio Syndicate from Virginia: Smooth Track!!!
Swerve The World Famous from Austin, TX: Sold after 16 bars.
dj Cool Ice Water from Navarre, Fl: Smooth Soulful Voice & Groove for the grown and sexy!!!
DJ DOC from laplace: hottt record. Good to here new music from kenny
DJ SOL-LID from Asheville: Really smooth and great song
dj 783 from tutwiler ms usa: banger
Dunkin Hines from Charlotte, NC. USA: Timeless Kenny
DJ XCEL from Staten Island, NY USA: nice
DJ King J from Fort Worth, TX USA: LOVE IT
Dj Big Kahuna from Detroit: Nice grown and has a great flow of sensuality. has a little touch or HOWARD HEWIT and ERIC Benet. Solid track and truly a ear catcher.
DJ DSA from ST VINCENT DE CONNEZAC: Très classe j'aime beaucoup
stanley knox from Toledo: Great Grown vibe. 28+ demographic
dj mac e from anguilla: nice
Big T-Moohlah from Centerburg, OH USA: Smooth-Real Smooth!
dj samp from DALLAS: nice
Mr Flea from Texarkana. Tx: Good track
W-Ise from Arnhem, Netherlands: love it
DJ T.O.N.Y. Talk.Of.New.York. from Tampa Fl USa: Nice.
DJ EMONSTA from minneapolis, Minnesota: Great song!!!
Dj Fred Flash from Springfield, MA USA: Good track with a pop feel to it.
DJ SL Jamz from Jacksonville: smooth record
TJ SWANN from Greenville S.C: Good Radio Record
DJ Seko Varner a.k.a. Grandpa Crunk from Virginia Beach / Virginia / USA: This is decent. I can hear this on Heart & Soul radio on Sirius XM Radio.
DJ Truly from Dallas, TX US: Nice
Impact292 from Los Angeles: cool
DJ A-Dot from Trinidad and Tobago: Great song from Kenny!
DJ A-Dot from Trinidad and Tobago: Great song as expected!
DJ A-Dot from Trinidad and Tobago: Great song as expected!
DJ A-Dot from Trinidad and Tobago: Great song as expected!
inspectorhughj from brigport ct 06610: cool inspectorhuhg from 88.5 fm
DJ White Mike from VA: Dope record!
BigRip Aka Manuscript from fort worth, TX United States: of course its a banger the ladies want this real R&B
Richard from Amsterdam: Great new song from Kenny Lattimore.
DJ 7@teamndamixz from Lincoln Ne: will spin on mix shows Need dj drops
dj 7 @teamndamixz
Brett Costello from australia: Like it
DJ EVERTON GREEN from Montreal, Canada: Grown people music
DJ Booggie from Manning, SC USA: welcome back kenny
Dj T Rock from Detroit, MI USA: i can vibe with it
dj Hairy b from detroit michigan: will play nice track
dj elliot grinch from pa/usa: Will play
DJ EMENENCE from oregon,: sort of timeless...but nice to hear LATTIMORE again
Dj Field from Boston/MA: Glad to hear new music from Kenny..Legend
DJ EMONSTA from Minneapolis MN U.S.A: NICE!!!
Dj Dutam from Rixensart/Belgium: cool
DJ Shyne Williams from ENNIS, TX USA: i like it
fitzyb from manchester: nice song!!
DJ Crona from Stockholm: This is dope! Real r&b!
dj ant from : Nice!
DJ Five-Six from : Awesome Record to put into Rotation
D'Coach from Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago: One thing about (good) music, when it hits you, you feel ok (Bob Marley)
Tito Pacheco-WCNI 90.9FM from Norwich/New London, CT: Great Track!
dj K2 from douglasville, Ga: NICE TRK!!!
dj lightnin lance from bx ny: a great track'kenny is back
Dj Buz from Vidalia, La: Nice but different from the Usual Kenny Latimore will spin it on my radio show and try it at the clubs
jamsta from Basseterre, St. Kitts & Nevis: This is the stuff that should be blowing up streaming, radio and the charts.
DJC from Australia: very slick....great vocals
Me Flea from Texarkana,Tx: Great song and Fall is just around the corner
djchuckc from washington dc: Good Joint smooth
DJ 3D from London,UK: Kool track - supporting this
dj timdogg from wilmington,de 19804: nice smooth r&b got that neo soul vibe..sounds good ..and I just broke up with my girl..go
dj ikeepsitreal from houston/tx/usa: Nice easy listening track.
jljamz from SWANSEA: not his best but still worth supporting
Dj Stef B from Brussels: Nice Tune
DJ Big 6 from Spartanburg, SC USA: nice
DJ Apedemak Rose from Evanston, IL USA: I'm digging this, Kenny always knows how to touch the proper key's of the heart. Management @ Liger Ent. GET AT ME..!
Dj Pizzikato from Germany: Thank you very nice Track
Dj Marinx from Belgium: Nice Track I Love It
Phlav from US: good
DJ Randy G from Atlanta / GA: Will spin. Good come back record.
Terry Kicks BPM RP from Pittsburgh, PA. USA: Very Smooth Beat And Vocal.
Sabrina from Ny: very good
Jerry Hipkiss from Cheltenham, England: Nice, will play this on GFM Radio, Gloucester
D.J. Goldie Fresh from North Randall, OH USA: Aint heard from him in a While but nice tune tho..
jon maby from coventry uk: cool sounds
Dj Kato from Kissimme, FL USA: hot track will support.
Jepi from UK: Hot Track...
Neil Brown from Maidstone/Kent/UK: Seriously good R'n'B loaded with Soul. Great groove...
DJ Ransom from Dallas: Grown ans Sexy! I love it!!! Can I get a drop?
dj Gary C from Boston USA: Nice R&B Will support
DJ Soulchild from Switzerland: Kenny can't do any wrong! That last album "Anatomy Of A Love Song" was SUPER underrated, a modern-day R&B classic!!! Great new single here! Would love to have a drop for my R&B radio show. Can management please contact me? Thanks!
dj wolf from buffalo ny: Hot and grown......
iDJPool from Chicago, IL USA: I would like to be serviced with the instrumental and acappella

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DJ Partytyme from Birmingham, AL us: nice track

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