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Bonecide ft. Curt McGurt - Another Level EXPLICIT

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Artist(s): BONECIDE feat. Curt McGurt
Producer: Curt McGurt
Album: Coming Soon!
Version(s): Explicit - Radio - Inst. Acapellas
Beats Per Minute: 75
Kilobytes Per Second: 320
Number of Downloads: 336
Feedback Rating Average: 4.76 out of 5
Category: Rap Artist
Genre: Hip-Hop
Contact: DJ DoRight
Label: Bonecide Ent.

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General Comments

General Comments: #Exclusive!!! Dj's check out the brand new power single by BONECIDE featuring super-producer Curt McGurt titled "ANOTHER LEVEL". The full DJ service pack is included for your mixing pleasure. DJ's send drop request and feedback is greatly appreciated. For more info, features, interviews, etc. contact us today @ 214.608.2246

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VirDiKO User Comments

BigRip Aka Manuscript from fort worth, TX United States: banger imm add this to rotation on The Rhyme Tricoastal Radio... drops would keep it on mind, dont wanna get it lost in the sauce like busted pipes
DJ B-Rock from Smithland, TX USA: Nice flow, need that drop.
DJ Apedemak Rose from Evanston, IL USA: #DJApedemakRose added to my priority list, expect results soon....
On Fire Sound Works from AZ: good sounds
DJ Partytyme from Birmingham, AL us: nice track
jon maby from coventry uk: good sounds
Go Dj Kj from Grand Prairie, TX USA: Im feeling it!
Nuveo from : Yellow!
Jammin Tee from Waynesboro: kool
DJ Raver from Lawton, OK USA: Will give some spins on upcoming mixshows and club play. HMU for drops at
DJ Ransom from Dallas: Very tight. Curt brings out the best.
Dj Petai from Harrisburg: Spin It
Commando from Cedar Rapids, IA USA: Very groovy track. I love that. Lyrics is cool. A nice party track too. I will give it a spin!
KingShawn from Portland, OR: hot track
DJ Mphatic from Tuscaloosa, AL USA: I'm definitely feeling this track.
DJ Clifton from England: love the flow I will be playing this. (could you do a drop using the name DJ Clifton)
DJ BEAZY from Indianapolis, IN USA: Its mixtape and club worthy
DJ 3D from London, UK: Banger - Playlisted, need a clean drop for radio asap
DJ Toolz from Columbus, GA: Solid Record!!!!!!!
DJ Toolz from Columbus, GA: Solid Record!!!!!!!
Cyber DJ CK from Atlanta, Georgia: Locking it in @Atlwebradio #immediately
Cyber DJ CK from Atlanta, GA US: Locking it in @Atlwebradio #immediately
@Cyberdjck from atlanat: Putting it on @Atlwebradio immediately!!!
@Cyberdjck from atlanat: Putting it on @Atlwebradio immediately!!!
Dj Kenni Starr from France: hot
DJ MYSTEREE from San Bernardino, CA USA: Nice track will spin it!
DJ Big 6 from Spartanburg, SC USA: nice
DJ Biz from Pennsauken NJ.Camden: This Song is hot!
jon maby from coventry uk: good sounds
big daddie THE DJ from DFW, TX USA: Definitely worth a spin and heavy rotation. Good job and thanks for the Service Pack.
ILL McKenzie from Raleigh, NC United States: Very smooth track, lyrics alright, can hear in the club
DJ Apedemak Rose from Evanston, IL USA: Going into rotation, drop please!

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