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Kelvin Frazier - Marked and Scarred RADIO

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Artist(s): Kelvin Frazier Ph.D.
Song(s): Marked & Scarred
Producer: John Ho
Album: Coming Soon!
Version(s): Radio
Beats Per Minute: 55
Kilobytes Per Second: 320
Number of Downloads: 38
Feedback Rating Average: 4.83 out of 5
Category: Singer
Genre: R&B
Contact: Marv Mack + TopNotch Music + Marketing @
Label: Independent Artist

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General Comments

General Comments: Kelvin Frazier, Ph.D. is a musician, chemist, professor, consultant and entrepreneur. With neo-soul, R&B and 90/80s hip-hop sub-genres making a major come back in modern urban music, it is no surprise that an artist such as Kelvin Frazier, will find his place in the industry. Frazier’s voice is undeniably lovely. It’s a dripping, sensual and sparkling taste of R&B’s heyday. Easy on the eyes, honey to the ears and blessed with a vocal range that can go from the dance floor to a devotional, Frazier is ready to become a genre mainstay in the near future. As a whole “Marked and Scarred” feels like the work of a music lover who let loose to make the music of his own dreams. The foundation of the song is rooted in tried and true R&B, all infectious hooks and simple bass lines. Frazier stays squarely in his lane, filling the track with emotion and sounds that never wander too far from a strings, piano and drums framework.

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VirDiKO User Comments

DJ Truly from Dallas, TX US: Deep Track! Digging It
Big T-Moohlah from Centerburg, OH USA: Sleeper! Fiya!!!
jon maby from coventry uk: good sounds
Premo Predican from : Like the song would like to put it on rotation with flexclockradio would like you to do a drop for my radio show send it to
Kawon J. from Dallas, TX United States: I like it!
Inspectorhugh from Bridgeport Ct 06610: Kove ti
DJ 3D from London, UK: Hot - listed
DJ Dirk Diggems from Tampa, FL USA: Nice track. Will spin.
Dj Kenni Starr from France: hot
DJDSA from ST VINCENT DE CONNEZAC: Très sympas j'aime beaucoup
DJ Zo tha Affiliate from Houston, TX: Was skeptical at first but its a good track! Definitely feeling it and will throw in rotation!
D'Coach from Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago: This is a nice track. Bless

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