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Reime Schemes feat. Kerome

Book of Rhymes

  1. Reime Schemes - Book of Rhymes (feat. Kerome)
    Album: Coming Soon!
  2. Reime Schemes - Book of Rhymes (feat. Kerome) radio
    Album: Coming Soon!

"Reime Schemes" has teamed up with Canadian Artist "Kerome" to present "Book of Rhymes" off the RHYMAGEDDON album.

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I happen to have a show named The Grind Show. It airs on VGR (7pm daily), NLD Radio (9pm daily) and the podcasts are on iheartradio. Send me drop and I will get the single on it.


We can dig it... will give this some spins on K-100 Radio

K-100 Radio, Atlanta, GA United States

Good vibe to this one. I'm going to spin it on my indie show.

Kawon J., Dallas, TX United States

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