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Psyco Sid ft. Dj Chose and Bigga Rankin


  1. Psyco Sid - Hide For What (Feat. DJ Chose & Bigga Rankin)
    Album: Coming Soon

Psyco Sid "Hide 4 What" Produced by Dj Choose. Please make sure to support the campaign and follow the movement. Booking Info @ #SKM "Sokul Management " Kul Scoob" 832-537-3455

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DJ BONES, Florence, SC, USA


DJTEEROC, Gainesville

Diggin' it, great energy. A short edit/DJ version, with the full blown hooks would be appreciated. Reason; it took almost a minute for the beat to come in and in (most) dance club situations, that's too long. 20-30 seconds, like Diplo's & Desiigner's new track, Suicidal is ok, still pushing it. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of DJs skipped the track because it took long for the beat to drop, which is a pity, this is a good track, the tension leading to the drop is power!

megrov, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hot Fire Need Drops An Interview On Da Russ And Stew Show (when Im In harlem i'm Chilling with Russ N Stew On Da Russ N Stew Show)

Da Russ N Stew, Harlem/Nyc

I like it

DJ Sammy Jammy, Miami Beach, FL USA

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