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Artist(s): Inferno Gang
Song(s): Back To The Beat! *Bonus: Hot Girlz ft. Dorrough & Level*"
Producer: Mouse/Ceddy B
Album: Born 4 This
Version(s): Explicit - Radio - *BONUS*
Beats Per Minute: 88
Kilobytes Per Second: 256
Plays This Month: 20
Total Downloads: 1449
Feedback Rating Average: 4.63 out of 5
Category: Rap Artist
Genre: Hip-Hop
Contact: Derek Williams
Label: Inferno Lyfe Ent.

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General Comments: Summer 2011 in Houston, Texas - the birth date and location of a new independent record label that will pay homage to the best of times in music history while keeping its focus wired tightly to the future. Inferno Lyfe Ent is and independent record label

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2012-12-25 10:55:11

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Inferno Gang

"Back To The Beat! *Bonus: Hot Girlz ft. Dorrough & Level*""

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Definition Dj BabyFace from New Orleans/LA/USA: banger
GuttaDJ C-Cue from hattiesburg,ms, usa: this is and Excellent club banger. When you put the beats in Mouse hands its guaranteed to be a hit.
DJ Tipsy Tony from Muehlhausen/Thuringia/Germany: Luv "Back to the Beat". Send me A Drop. Peace
djfondle from saint-etienne: nice song
DJ Shood from Brooklyn, NY, United States: club banga!
DJ Maca from Germany: Thanx for the Music!
Check me on Facebook/Myspace/Soundcloud!
DJ Maca / Macafella
Please send me PromoStuff like NameDrops!

Thanx in advance
DJ Magicut from belgium: NICE ;)
DJ Trigger Finger from : Oh yess...
this will bang ma set !
DJ Big D from Wash. DC: Very Hot
Kenn Burrola from Salt Lake City: Oh yeah! Hot one! Will support!
DJ MURDOCK from INDPLS,IN U.S.A.: yes sir, this is a winner all day long, we gone get them on the hot mix when this come in, yea boy, this is a go, thanks
DJ Trigger Finger from Germany: nice one
DJ Jay Millionz from Burlington,NJ: This joint is hot
keurvil DaFiveBillie from La Defense: nice song i like
djkck from fort wayne indiana: nice
DJ BIG WILL from Arlington Texas USA: Very Hot! Keep it up!
D Double J from Bay Area/California: bangin
Outlaw Mighty Me from London: head banger
wayneindisthang from loud city,oklahoma: ima put it in the mix
DJ J City from seattle wa: Mad hot Playing this tonight!!!
a dj named skritchin from h town tx usa: banging beat.
DJ Cruz from Houston, TX USA: Nice beat and hook
DJ Bird from atlanta/ga/usa: below average in my humble opinion
DJ MacNite from arlington/texas/usa : Back to the Beat has a serious intro...can remix easy I hope that they get support this a great project
djlenwood from Dallas,TX : play list worthy
djkck from fort wayne indiana: nice
DJ CTP from Seattle, WA: The way the song came in had me goin....but i feel that song could be better 3.5/5 but somethin with potential
DJ Destiny from World-Wide: Str8 Banga!!! 'Back to the Beat' mixtape placement...and droppin soon!!!! Hit me up fo the details!!!
Dj Roman Roxford from Cali: Now featured on
andy from stockton ca: i like this
Mello from Germany: dope beat, cool flow - hot track 4 the club, in my rotation
Dj CodeRed from nat la us: nice
DJ LOVERBOYLUSTER from leominster,ma: HOT HOT!!!
djlouie from hernando, fl: this track got so much heat on it it gonna be a club banger fosho!!!
dj greg robinson from sheffield / uk: superb!!!!!
dj rreal from abilene/tx/usa: nice track. I'll spin it.
DJ MJ from Baton Rouge, LA: oh shit yea! like what I'm hearin' here on back to the beat!
DJ Panther from Dallas TX: Hot tracks. I will be putting these in the mix asap!
Dj Buz from Vidalia, La: This is what it do Fire Ass TRACK in ROTATION ASAP. Send me a DROP might need a club show when this track heats up like soon
DJ ReadyRoc from : banger
DJ-JoJo from Munich/Bavaria: Phhhhhhhhaaaaattt!!!
dj dvhyne from Inglewood, CA: nice
MP Marcus from London: Good tune . This will be a banger if not I will push it until it is a banger. I would love a few drops
Housearrest from FL: Loving Hot Girl!
dj barry from Fayetteville,NC: nice
Misterdje from Grovetown,Ga.: Cold Track!
Mc Sermon from Germany/Duisburg: Nice beat flow is cool deserve some attention wanna get hear more of them!!!
dj 783 from tutwiler ms usa: thanks
leebannerdj from england: love the hot girls love the flow n lyrics will play that on my show
Dj Sido from Port Charlotte Florida : yo hot track
GO DJ DreamKast from Houston, Tx. : I'll jam it and see what my listers think.... hot dance joint....
DJ Alex from Chicago: Club BANGER!!!!!!!
Suge from : RETAWDID!!!
keurvil DaFiveBillie from La Defense: nice record
DJ Mr Freeze from Davenport IA: Very Nice. We'll Give It Some Spins
DJ Nick from Bielefeld/Germany: fine flow and a catchy production at all
NYLV from Las Vegas: Fire
D.J.MUSIC MAN 571 from CHARLOTTE N.C. USA: club banger 9.5 out 10 get spins.
djvee from odessa.tx: HOT!!!!
DJ Shood from Brooklyn, NY, United States: on my playlist this summa!
Black Magic from San Francisco: nice
DJ BIG WILL from Arlington Texas: Very Hot!
dj sir jamm from hellaware: bang dis hommey
dj.o from peoria,il usa: hot track
Hip Hop Mashups from : Does the explicit version of Back To The Beat also censor the word ass in the 1st verse and the word fuck in the 2nd?
Djflipstyle from Atlanta Ga: club bangfa 4 sho!can i get a drop! in the lab with the real djflipstyle
dj cool ice water from Ft. Walton Beach, Fl.: hot club banga!
Dj Cowboy from Portland: yup yup
DJ BIGG DADD from aTLANTA,GA. UNITED STATES: banga! banga! banga!