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Callab ft J. Rob and Lady Ace Boogie


  1. Stance (clean)
    Album: n/a
  2. Stance (Dirty)
    Album: n/a

Check out new single from artist Callab “Stance” featuring J. Rob and Lady Ace Boogie produced by Eighty Five Vehicle. The song is based on 3 different stages of a relationship. First verse (Callab) Meeting (good vibes)
but knowing to keep ya stance incase things don’t shake how they may, basically keeping up walls. Second (J. Rob) (Married the trials but still keeping your stance) Third Lady Ace Boogie) In the relationships beginning winning as a team. Moving on living better, fuck the past and not making it to marriage.

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DJ Feedback

Dope I need Drop And Interview On Beef Stew Radio ( When I'm In Harlem I'm chilling with DJ Big Stew On Beef Stew Radio)


Nice Track, Ill Spin

DJ Murdock, Indianapolis, In. U.S.

I like this. Send me a drop and I will include this on my show. I'm on FOUR stations and all of my "re-podcasts" are on iheartradio, Spotify, & ITunes. Great way to reach out to a new fanbase etc ya dig

DJ MINGO, Atlanta, GA, USA, GA United States

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